Recover from a Fire in Beech Island

If your commercial property takes on damage from a fire, you will probably need to halt production for months and spend thousands of dollars to recover from the damage. When people consider fire damage, they frequently think of the fire itself however soot and fumes can stay around the property years after. If left untreated, your commercial property will smell of fumes for years after the fire.

Surviving a fire is stressful and Paul Davis understands that your beloved organization and income are at risk. In addition to emergency fire damage removal and remediation, we offer removing soot and smoke damage as well. Whatever the size, Paul Davis of Beech Island offers prompt removal and restoration of fire damage to businesses throughout the Beech Island market.

The Paul Davis Method

  • Help comes quickly and is ready 24/7
  • See the cost of the damage, get pretesting and damage assessments
  • Emergency boarding and structural stabilization
  • Ash and debris removed without harmful chemicals
  • Air purification and smoke odor removal
  • Business contents cleaning – whatever your organization does, we can restore harmed goods inside
  • Commercial grade water extractors, dehumidifiers, air movers and other tools designed to remove water resulting from killing the flames
  • We will restore any portion of your building that was harmed by the fire
  • Mold and mildew prevention

Call your Beech Island Paul Davis Franchise

The Paul Davis professionals understand how hard fires can be on businesses, so we act quickly to return your property back to normal. Our education, cleaning methods and years of training aid us in completing the restoration properly the first time. We can save items using specialized tools and cleaning techniques, typically being able to restore the goods inside your commercial property to their normal condition. We also assist with filing insurance claims to speed up the healing process.

Let our business to assist yours. Contact Paul Davis of Beech Island if you are stricken by fire or smoke damage on your commercial property.