Damage Caused by Water in North

Flood damage can be harmful to your commercial property. Severe flooding can put you out of business. For small businesses, even small amounts of damage may wound a company’s image. The faster you take care of water damage in your commercial space, the sooner you can move on from the problem. Paul Davis Restoration Services assists businesses all over the North, SC area.

Water Damage from Appliances and Weather

Flood damage in business properties occurs in many ways. These issues might start out small. However, the water damage can travel through your storefront and foster more problems from mold patches.

Flood damage can originate from weather in addition. Torrential downpour or storm systems can problems for your commercial property alone. These forces can have an intense impact any of your commercial property close to a lake that crests because of these heavy rains.

What We Can Do

Our specialists have years of know-how removing leaks and other kinds of flooding out of businesses near the North, SC region. We offer our services for any business stricken by water damage.

Our Restoration Services Include:

  • Water damage analysis
  • Water extraction
  • Drying damp areas like walls
  • Cleaning and restoration of items like clothes
  • Remediating mold or mildew growth
  • Locating and repairing the cause of leaking water
  • Reconstruction services or storm damage repair
  • Collaborating with insurance providers

We Have the Experience You Need

  • Our staff answers and moves quickly. Based on the extent of damage, Paul Davis pros should be able to restore water damage in your commercial space in around a few days.
  • We are knowledgeable – After half a century in business and millions of properties returned to normal, Paul Davis can handle your water damage situation.
  • We assist with your claims – Collaborating with insurance groups while bouncing back from water damage is tough. We can help with your insurance provider to finish claims fast.

Neglected water damage, no matter what size, can be dangerous. Let us assess the damage in your commercial space or business. Call your North Paul Davis franchise today!