Remodeling Services in Salley

Would you like a complete home remodel? Or maybe just update your kitchen or new bath? Paul Davis Restoration Of Augusta/Aiken can help make this happen. We don’t only provide our experience to homeowners, we can also assist real estate and design professionals. We want to help you turn your house into an area that you will really love.

For over 50 years, people have counted on Paul Davis remodeling technicians to make their dreams come true. Whether the job involves a kitchen, bathroom, or another space, we will make sure that it is done correctly. Your Salley restoration technicians will work closely with you to plan how you want each room to look, which materials to use, and the approximate completion date. You can rest assured that your work will be completed safely and according to your specifications.

Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling in Salley has been able to establish a reputation for performance, integrity, and responsibility. We’ve built deep roots to our client base and their individual projects. We have the skills and experience to create a space that you will really love.